16 novembro 2011

A week has gone by and things are settling into place. we're once again surrounded by a sweet navy blue atmosphere with new sounds, new smells and enjoying all the love, chaos and laughter in the air.
We have been at home most of the time getting to know this new little one and hugging and paying attention to the one that felt this change the most, David.
It's been wonderful to follow this route for the second time and get to appreciate everyhting that the overwhelming of the first time didn' let us. The diapers don't seem that many, the sleepless nights aren't that tiring, there's been more kissing and more letting go. More snuggles and less awkwardness. 

3 comentários:

Carina disse...

querido Vasco... és tão lindo <3

M. disse...

Parabéns aos papás que fizeram uma coisa tão adorável <3

Estou ansiosa para viver essa experiência também pela segunda vez e olhar tudo com essa calma que descreves :)

cristina says: disse...

and he is very very sweet! :)