22 fevereiro 2009

me in strack in ldn

Sem saber muito bem como, a semana passada terminou num apetitoso jantar aqui.
Para quem gosta de design de interiores...simplesmente genial!

21 fevereiro 2009

A Zulmira veio ate a' cidade e deixou-nos um presente.

13 fevereiro 2009


After an exhausting and stressful week, finally: a few hours rest in front of the telly watching rubbish programs and eating leftover's from the week.

A pile of clothe waiting to be ironed trys to grab my atention but i simply ignore it, too tired to even think about it.

My eyes hurt from staring at monitors all day long...Still i can't resist writing here...and for that purpose i need to stare at it, once again.

For the first time we had a computer in the house, back in the eighties, i felt that computers and I weren't quite a couple. I wasn't as thrilled as all the other kids for video games, i was never interested in technology not even knowing what kind of pc i had at home if someone would ask. for it. (erg...it's white. - i said once..)...Slowly the computers have somehow entered my life and now ironically, my work relies on it , and i had surrender to it's powerful force.

"Your wasting your hands spending your time on the computer like that"...mum used to say.
As if somehow my inner power was at the extremity of my arms and was shut out by life circunstances and carrer choices. Painting, Sculpting, Knitting, Potting, used to be easy affairs for me. As i grew up i was constantly surrounded by tailors. I used to stare for hours at the hands of my grandmother as she sew colourful blankets from leftovers fabrics. The smell of canvas and oil paint used to fullfill me. Now, after almost 10 years of monitor-related work, living a crazy life from place to place, the joy for crafts has somehow been defeated by time, circunstances and by the simple fact that i lost all of the naivity will that would allow me to do anything.

As the world changes and my life spines around one more time, i look back to my old personal skills and wonder if they woudn't make me a happier women. Change your life completly. - a voice keeps on whisperring. Go back to what you really where brought up to do.
And i can't help thinking about it with excitement.

Or maybe it's just a phase, and i'm simply too tired today..

10 fevereiro 2009

Esta' bonito, esta'....

Qualquer dia dedico-me a' agricultura....

05 fevereiro 2009

Contra esta atitude saudosista, um belo post de um bom livro pela Ines.

04 fevereiro 2009

1 year ago

I know you should never look back once you've moved on, but somehow it's been hard.
Walking on the slippery ice sidewalk these past days, i can't help remembering the last days i spent in NYc from where i left ONE YEAR ago....

02 fevereiro 2009

from my window

Pelos vistos enganei-me... A neve la' foi caindo cada vez com mais intensidade de tal modo que hoje acordei para o caos. O metro e os autocarros cancelados. Tudo branco. Uma delicia. Escolas fechadas e a impossibilidade de ir trabalhar. Mais um dia de refugio. :)

01 fevereiro 2009

Gela la' fora...
Pela primeira vez desde que cheguei que a neve que tanto anunciavam finalmente desceu para nos cumprimentar. Mas de uma forma meio timida, que aparece e desaparece nao permanecendo tempo suficiente para cobrir o pavimento com uma camada decente.
Um vento 'aspero assobia por todo o lado. Teima em empurrar-nos para dentro de casa que e' onde se esta' bem. 2 dias de refugio com muita tv pela frente, um bolinho de cenoura e chocolate para acompanhar e todas as delicias que o nosso lar no inverno nos tras.