23 fevereiro 2014

feels like writing again.. ..in english?

Strange thing when people ask me wether i dream/think in  english or portuguese...
I do have to stop for a bit to wonder. In both. i'd have to say...and they came in waves.
For right now it'd only make sense to write in english for no peculiar reason. (it might be the soundtrack_ which is rarely in a diferente language..)
Long time no see, right?
Not many pictures taken lately...apart from the ones from my cellphone or small digital camera who are way too private to blog...
So why do i still even bother? well..there's something about writing about your feelings/life that makes my mind at ease. So...even without a photo, or nothing interesting to say... i just came to wave my hand and say.. hello! Promise i'll be in touch.
By the way... this little corner of mine has recently done 8 years.

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