25 fevereiro 2010


Everyday despite the bad weather i try to go out for a walk with my baby. "It's good for him." I say and everyone agrees. Deep inside i must confess that's not only the reason i go out, it's obviously because it's also good FOR ME!! I go crazy staying at home the whole day. After the first trips with a baby and his pram, after facing the adventure it is to face the traffic, the steps, the rain, the crying, the feeding in public, the time for a change in the middle of nowhere, the buses ... now i can finally say that i've done it all ( or almost) and there's nothing to fear...(so to speak..) ! ( I guess the only hazard to face now would be the snow ...and erg....ok..the tube!..) .

Anyway, these trips made me realize after a long period away from London that i've fallen in Love with the city again. My eyes are once more open to details that i had never realized before, and ok....ok....i'm better off here... At least for the moment.
Today after strolling around whitecross market, the barbican , shoredich, i came to realize for my surprise that it was market day at spitafields!! what a joy!! i know a few friends that would go crazy around here...

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Pinkk Candy disse...

eu também sou uma full time mum, e com o mau tempo que tem estado tenho ficado muito tempo fechada em casa, preciso de sair mais, com o meu baby também, ele adora sair, e eu também! =)