15 julho 2008

for my beloved american friends

I have been asked many things
I've been asked if i was spanish. if i was italian, brazilian...from greece....
That i quite understand and i can deal it.
But i was astonished yesterday when someone asked me : are you american?
...could it be the accent?

2 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

Porquê saiste de nova york , sigo o teu blog e gosto sempre se viaja 1 pouquinho , para quem nunca sai de portugal .É bom saber os habitos custumes de outros paises , mas estados unidos parecia-me 1 optimo sitio para se viver?

Carmen disse...

:) Or maybe you said "trunk" instead of "boot" or one of those other silly words the British use! :)

(To any British-english sympathizers: I am joking!)

Muitas felicidades pelas terras novas!