27 abril 2007

Somebody called 911....and this time, i was for me.
There i was, lying on the ground without no sense whatsoever, surrounded by strange faces who muttered far away in the background.
There i was again feeling all the colours of my face fading away, my ears going numb, my legs trembling apart.
I must have gone somewhere for 2 min. Don't know where..
As my mind woke up, my body refused to do so and some strange arms dragged me to a bench near by.
And from that quiet numb silent moment i woke up to a confused reality interrupted by full equipped firemen similar to terrorising aliens asking me all sorts of questions..
It all felt so much like a movie, only this time i was at the same time the main character and the viewer at home.

4 comentários:

DMNY disse...

carago! quem fala assim nao e' gago! :) come uvas pela manha!

elisabete duarte disse...

esta rapariga sabe as "mesinhas" todas...gosto disso! Com que entao uvas!
Olha la, e tu passa mas e' a comer uvas de manha que eu nao te quero por ai aos tmbos, teem a mania que e' vedeta, agora!

ss disse...

ja' como uvas e bebo um copo de agua ao acordar e cereais com sabor a palha.
brigada pelas "mesinhas"!!!

DMNY disse...

linda menina, quando nao temos a mae por perto, somos maes umas das outras :)