07 junho 2006

(...) " Heading down the stairs of the CityHall subway station with all theses dark shabby people was like descending, voluntarily, into a dungeon, a very dirty and noisy dungeon. Grimy concrete and black bars were everywhere, cage after cage, level upon level, a delirium seen through black bars in every direction. (...) Why was it that in this gross fat country, with it´s obscene heaps of wealth and its even more osbcene obession with creature comforts, they were unable to create an Undergroung as quiet, orderly, presentable, and decent as London´s? Because they are childish! So long as it was underground, out of sight, it didn´t matter what it was like. (...)"

Tom wolfe - " The bonfire of the vanities"

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Dan disse...

bom, passaram-se quase 20 anos...parece que as coisas nunca mudam!